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Dutch Tilt Studios

Our goal

At Dutch Tilt Studios we aim to offer our extensive experience in (animation) film production to anyone who is just as convinced as us about the power of audiovisual experiences! From product promotion videos to full length documentaries, Dutch Tilt Studios has the capacity and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Who we are

Dutch Tilt Studios is based in the Netherlands and specializes in animation film production. When Dutch Tilt Studios launched in februari 2016, Mathijs and Peter joined forces. Halfway 2017 DTS was joined by Johannes. All have a lot of experience, gathered over the years while working on a large number of projects.

In house skills include

- Pre production
- Script writing
- Virtual set design
- Character Animation
- Live action filming
- Chroma key integration
- Fluid simulation
- Architectural visualisation
- Virtual reality
- Product promotion videos
- Editing
- Post production